LED, acrylic, MDF, 48"x12"x12", Emily Carr University of Arts & Design, 2022

With Leaning Out of Windows/ LoOW, a research-creation project led by Randy lee Cutler + Ingrid Koenig, Emily Carr University of Arts & Design in collaboration with TRIUMF, Canada's particle accelerator centre.

Special thanks to our project team:
David McKeen, Brenda Crabtree, Sidi Chen and Ernesto Pena.

we re2
we reflect3

Photo: Chris Jones

WE REFLECTProject type

seedling (cedar)Project type

seedlingsProject type

Um...Project type

CelebrationProject type

Black BookProject type

Door PhaseProject type

門 The DoorsProject type

The Book of JestsProject type

Magic HandsProject type

The Heavens EarthProject type

Language KitchenProject type

SkylineProject type

StorylineProject type

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