The Heavens Earth

Polystyrene, dimensions variable, 2011

The Heavens Reflects the Earth is a site-specific installation made for the pond at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Inspired by a 6th century BC Taoist saying, the floating work is read via its reflection. Each word in the phrase floats independently, allowing it to become rearranged with a current or breeze. The potential of this natural grammatical wordplay presents ambiguity in multiple readings, both religious and secular. English words in traditional Chinese garden might seem incongruous, but it too reflects a singular cultural moment in Vancouver’s Chinatown.


WE REFLECTProject type

seedling (cedar)Project type

seedlingsProject type

Um...Project type

CelebrationProject type

Black BookProject type

Door PhaseProject type

門 The DoorsProject type

The Book of JestsProject type

Magic HandsProject type

The Heavens EarthProject type

Language KitchenProject type

SkylineProject type

StorylineProject type

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