Backwards Metamorphosis Library

Backwards Metamorphosis Library is an ongoing collection of Backwards Metamorphosis, appropriation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, in various languages. It consists of 17 volumes to date. The title takes its inspiration from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel. Having no particular order in the collection, each story in BML is intended to be an unique original of the non-linear narrative rather than a translation of the original. 


WE REFLECTProject type

seedling (cedar)Project type

seedlingsProject type

Um...Project type

CelebrationProject type

Black BookProject type

Door PhaseProject type

門 The DoorsProject type

The Book of JestsProject type

Magic HandsProject type

The Heavens EarthProject type

Language KitchenProject type

SkylineProject type

StorylineProject type

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