Translation Services is a project constituting a workshop, three-part exhibition and publication developed with 221A artist-run centre during the Curatorial Residencies program (2011-2012).

Translation is derived from the Latin translatio meaning “to carry across, to transport”. This origin of the word implies a bridge, as well as the potential for something to be dropped along the way – an imperfect path from original to copy.  Through the workshop with ESL children, series of exhibitions and discussions, Translation Services seeks to understand translation in a new way; rather than as the process of representing an essential origin, we explore translation as a beguiling, contentious space for abstraction and emergent cultural production. In these works translation is a space in which is revealed normally invisible levers of cultural power, the autonomy of objects, and the potential for creative liberation through subversion.

Workshop: Hyung-Min Yoon and Jessica Jang, Language Kitchen 

Part 1: Ryu Hankil, Description for Other Things 
Part 2: Jarrod Sanderson, What difference between me and you? 
Part 3:  Andrea Francke and Jackson Lam, Please Translate 

Read the introduction in the publication Translation Services and other accompanying texts.