PVC vinyl print, 280cm x 100cm 2016

The Gesture of Writing (When You Realize There Is Nothing Lacking The Whole World Belongs To You) is the second iteration of the series that spells out a 6th century BC Daoist aphorism. From a distance, the message appears as though written in a peculiar sort of calligraphy. At closer observation, the viewer discovers the letters are made with a DIY hand alphabet resembling sign language. This form of lettering mystifies and slows down the reading to a speed that is necessary to contemplate the depth of the aphorism.

Installed on the façade of the Nakwon market, an old traditional market in the centre of historic downtown Seoul, the quote from Dao De Jig positively reflects the past and the present of the area.

Photo: Jung Jungho (World Script Symposia 2016)