2 slide projectors, microprocessor, rear projection glass screen, 17:50, 2019

Black Book installation uses analog film projectors controlled via microprocessor for a large screen viewing experience of the original artist’s book. Black Book joins two distinct threads of disparate cultures and histories — Confucian virtues and modern black humour — inquiring into contemporary ideologies such as patriarchy, political coercion, and technological determinism. The artist's book of the same title was published by Information Office in 2018.

In the election office: "when you finish voting, you may lower your arms and slowly walk away from the wall."
투표소에서: "투표가 끝나면 천천히 두 손을 내리고 벽에서 떨어져 걸어 나오시면 됩니다."

Installation views at CSA Space, Vancouver, 2019
Photos by Chris Jones